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''I received a grant of the Prince Albert Fund to lead a US business development project for the belgian company Ridley-Bikes. based in San Francisco I worked many times from the office of the Belgian Trade commission. the downtown location was convenient and the welcome by Baudouin and Audra was very warm. I can recommend a visit to this place to all Belgian business people arriving in th eBay area, to get advice, to expand your network or just to get some work done!''

 - Evert DESMIDT-

''Honored to be part of the AWEX team: great minds think alike! weekly presentations are a good way to learn about business. the dynamic office leads to synergies''

-Tine AERTS-

"Working at the Belgian Trade Commission was en enriching experience.  I learned how to do business in the US in a great work environment while developing the activities of Belgian startup''

 - Nastasja OTTE-