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  • Conversation with Lyceum Kennedy's students
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  • Conversation with Lyceum Kennedy's students
  • Opening night-OIF © Martin Loper
  • Conversation-Opening night 04042019-JM Turine-Guillaume Parodi NYU © Martin Loper
  • Opening night-OIF © Martin Loper

Jean-Marc Turine honored in New York09/04/2019

For our first official event in New York, WBI-New York had the honor to invite the winner of the Festival of the five continents 2018, Jean-Marc Turine, with his book “La Théo des fleuves” published by “Esperluète”. Coming from Brussels, Jean-Marc Turine, shared with us during this amazing festival, his life experience through the story of “La Théo des Fleuves”.
The story of Théodora, a young Tsigane, touched the audience during the entire festival from the opening conversation at the OIF-New York, with students of a French American School “Lyceum Kennedy”, with an international audience at the United Nation’s bookshop, in an interview at the Radio of the United Nations to a lecture at “la Maison Française” of NYU.
His book addresses themes such as the discrimination of the Tsigane population, the “anti-tsiganism”, the woman’s condition, the illiteracy, the racism, the migration of population but also the beauty of music and the hope of a better future.
This festival of the five continents was filled with amazing artists such as authors, poets, singers, writers, photographers, jugglers, storytellers from many Francophone countries. We had the honor to celebrate the “Francophonie” through this amazing festival of the five continents organized by the “Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie” at the United Nations.
We thank also our different parters such as “La Maison Française” of NYU, the Consulate General of Switzerland and The Delegation of Quebec in New York.