• François Lesage, CEO of Bioturnkey ; Mary Pat Moyer, CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) of Bioturnkey and CEO of Incell (San Antonio Texas) and Frédéric Tonglet, Chief Financial Officer of Bioturnkey and CEO of Wisetreee (Marche).

Birth of a Walloon-Texan joint venture in San Francisco28/06/2016

The Walloon holding companies Wisetree and 4 for Cells are joining forces with the Texan company Incell to supply cutting-edge products and services to companies working in personalised medicine. This new Belgian company, "BioTurnkey", has its head office at the Novalis Science Park, in Aye (Marche-en-Famenne), and will operate in both Europe and the United States and eventually in Asia.

This agreement was signed at the BIO biotechnology convention in San Francisco in the presence of the CEO of Wallonia Export-Investment Agency, Pascale Delcomminette, together with representatives of the Governor of the State of Texas and the City of San Antonio.

"Our aim is to allow companies working in personalised medicine, a field that covers cellular therapies, tissue engineering, virology and immunology, to gain quicker access to the market and at a significantly lower cost", explains Frédéric Tonglet, Founder of Wisetree and Financial Director of BioTurnkey. BioTurnkey's products and services include in particular the standardisation of procedures, the provision of technologies such as bio-insulators and even support for conducting clinical trials.

The Walloon-American joint venture benefits from the expertise and knowledge of Doctor Mary Pat Moyer, CEO and Founder of the Texan company Incell, specialising in cellular therapies among other things. "Mary Pat has worked in the field of personalised medicine for 23 years: more than a pioneer in the sector, she is an adventurer", highlights François Lesage, CEO of BioTurnkey. The meeting between the Walloon and American partners dates from an economic mission organised by the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency in Texas. The Walloon-Texan company already has its first client in the company Revatis AM, a spin-off from the University of Liège also based at the Novalis Science Park.

Source: Belga